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Server Rules

  • This Server Is PvE.

  • No Base Raiding.

  • Don't Argue With The Admins They Have Final Say.

  • If You Do A Mission Mark It On The Map And Call It In side Channel.

  • After You Finish Your Mission, Can You Please Remove Your Marker.

  • No Base Building On Any Major Roads or in airport hangars.

  • No Base Building In High Loot Spawn Areas Or Your Base Will Get Deleted.

  • No Leaving Vehicles At Any Trader Before Restart You May Leave Only 3 Vehicles Inside Your Base Radius.

  • If You Are Not Sure Where To Build A Base, Ask An Admin!

  • If you enjoy our server and feel you would like to help out with server costs or want to donate for a certain vehicle or box of building goodies, or even some pop tabs then feel free. Anything donated would be greatly appreciated. Speak to any of the owners for more information. Game on! Enjoy your stay!

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